To Give an Insight of the Connection Between Creativity and Computer Engineering, PICO Successfully Held the Twelfth Webinar: International Sharing Session

PENS in collaboration with Brandenburg University of Applied Science successfully held the “Webinar Generative Design for Creators: The Impact of Data-Driven Visualisation and Processing in the Field of Creative Business” with the amazing speakers Prof. Dipl. Des. Julia Schnitzer.

To Give an Insight of Optimizing Personal Branding in Digital Era, PICO Successfully Held the Tenth Webinar: Sharing Session

PENS International Cooperation Office successfully held the 10th webinar : Sharing Session “Optimize Personal Branding in Digital Era” with the amazing speaker, Frengki Chua and Viqi Firdaus. This event was moderated by Diana (one of PICO Volunteers) and joined by Read More …