PENS International Cooperation Office successfully held the 16th webinar : Sharing Session “Study Abroad Webinar” with the amazing speakers, Dr. -Ing Hestiasari Rante, S.T., M.Sc., Felix Pasila, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D, Rachael Ralph, MBio, Ambarizky Trinugraheni, B.A.󠁿 , and Nicky Andre Prabatama, S.Tr.T.

This event was moderated by Alyf Prayogi (one of PICO Volunteers) and joined by 120 participants via Zoom Meeting and YouTube.

The webinar talks about how is it like to study abroad based on the speakers experience. Start from requirements, education system, scholaship offers, culture, and preparation for successful study abroad plan.

Sharing session was held with the excitement and enthusiasm coming from the speakers and also the participants.

Thank you for joining us and participating this 16th webinar. Thank you for the speakers who gave us the insightful talks. You all are great!

See you and have a great day!