Greetings from PICO

We are very grateful, this official site of PENS International Cooperation Office has been established. The initial main targets of our organization are:
1. Cooperation and Collaboration (both outgoing and incoming programs), such as:
– Student exchange programs
– Internship programs
– International class
– International training and expertise for PENS lecturers, staff and faculty
– Scholarship
2. Research collaboration, conferences and publications, which consist of:
– Person-to-person, laboratory-based, research group, research center, and institutional
– International seminars/conferences and publications

Since 2013, through Student Exchange program, we have conducted:
1. Outgoing student exchange scheme for dispatching PENS students to overseas universities (i.e., Asian Countries universities).
2. Incoming student exchange scheme for receiving overseas students to have activities at our campus and their lecturers when monitoring the students.

On the other hand, to expand our cooperation we have performed:
1. Tracking and benchmarking activities to find any possibility of new cooperation with overseas universities.
2. Inviting the experts from overseas universities for expanding the cooperation and collaboration.
3. Strengtening the capacity by:
– Dispatching staff/faculty to enhance the capacity both academic and research
– Establishing joint research collaboration, workshop or conference, and publications


Warmest regards,
Head of PENS International Cooperation Office