PENS-ITE Singapore : Specialists’ Community Action and Leadership Exchange (SCALE).

PENS Collaborate with ITE Singapore held student exchange with topic Internet of Things & Sustainable Environment. 20 PENS Students successfully back to Indonesia from student exchange in Singapore at Saturday, 30 September 2023. At this opportunity, 20 of PENS students receive an experience about exploring the Sustainable Environment and Industrial, Culture and Invotion of Latest Technology. This program, sponsored by the Temasek Foundation, is designed to provide students with a profound understanding of sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

Students are encouraged to cultivate teamwork, leadership, and effective communication, which are skills that will serve them well in their future careers as: International Friendships, students from diverse cultural backgrounds fosters international friendships and a deeper understanding of global diversity. Collaborative skills, across cultures are developed as students work together as a team.

Innovative and Futuristic Vision, offers insight into the latest innovations in the sustainability field, inspiring students to envision a futuristic and innovative career. Interaction with individuals from diverse backgrounds encourages tolerance and appreciation for differences.

The program offers students a unique opportunity to explore various industries focused on sustainability. Visits to companies like CHINT Global provide insights into smart energy concepts, green electricity, and cutting-edge industrial automation and control.

The trip to Tai Sin introduces students to high-quality cable technology, a critical component of modern industries.

The visit to Sembcorp Floating Solar allows participants to witness Singapore’s largest floating PV solar system for understanding of renewable energy potential.

At this event student can observe how Singapore’s efficient and extensive transportation network, including the MRT, LRT, and the well-spread bus system, offers students a hands-on experience in understanding the inner workings of a modern transportation system.

Students go to locations such as Marina Barrage and the NEWater Visitor Centre instill the importance of sustainable resource utilization and conservation and visit to the Singapore Gallery enlightens participants about Singapore’s history and art, with a focus on aspects related to sustainability.

The exchange program unfolds have two phases and this will follow by the second phase in Indonesia, at PENS, from December 3 to 16, 2023. In conclusion, the PENS-ITE Student Exchange Program, generously supported by the Temasek Foundation, does more than impart technical knowledge rounded individuals, preparing them to tackle the challenges of the future. The student carry back not only academic knowledge but also valuable life experiences that will shape their characters and worldviews, enriching their futures in countless ways. This initiative highlights the power of international collaboration and cross-cultural education in preparing the leaders of tomorrow.