Language Class: Korean and Filipino Class

Tuesday (23/1) the foreign students returned to PENS. They had a schedule to teach Filipino and Korean language. The class was divided into two sessions. The first session was Filipino class, begin at 10 am. The Filipino students, Mike and Dean, shared about Philippines’ Culture. Dean said, one of Philippine culture is called “Family is pride” and so many more about Philippines culture that they have shared. They also told us that Filipino loves singing, that is why they have a karaoke room in each house in Philippines. Wow!

The participants of language class were very enthusiast attending the class. Mike and Dean shared so many things. They told the participants that the Filipino and Indonesian have some similarities, such as similar facial features, skin tones, and accents. Even the pronunciation of numbers such as number three (in Javanese is “telu” and in Filipino is “tilo”) and number seven (in Javanese is “pitu” and in Filipino is “pitu”). It is just sound the same, isn’t it?

Mike and Dean also shared about the traditional games in their country, the games just the same as here in Indonesia. They also practiced their traditional games in front of the class. In the end of the session Dean asked all the participants and volunteers to introduce themself in Filipino Language. And of course, they came in front of the class and introduced one by one using Filipino language. The first session began at 10 AM until 11.30 AM, and there was a lunch break until 1 PM.


The second session is Korean class, which started at 1 PM. Yoon Tae Yoon (Yusuf), Yu Kyung Ji (Annisa) and Jeong Seo Yeong (Isyana) shared their Korean culture also Korean language. This event was held in TC 204 room (language lab).



When the Korean class started, the participants were so enthusiast. There was an interesting moment while the class is running, each participant got a gift from Korean students such as the colored papers that written their names in Hengeul. Then Korean students explained the basic way about how to communicate using Korean language. Beside that, before the event was finished there was a test session for the participants. For the participants who can arrange words using Korean language correctly, they will get prizes, traditional chocolate candy, from the Korean students. At the end of the session there were photo sessions for participants and foreign students from Korea and Philippines. See you on the next PICO agenda, keep updating the news on our web and instagram (@picopens). – Rachmad / Aldilla