PICO Introduces Itself for PENS’ New Students in IPMB and OMB

Monday (5/8/2019) – Is the first day of the Freshmen Entrance Ceremony or every one calling it IPMB and OMB. This Event is held at PENS D4 Building and it’s participated by 742 Freshmen. They are all the student who passed the entrance exam from PMDK – PN, UMPN, and SIMANDIRI. 

In this Event, PICO or PENS International Cooperation Office got a chance to introduce to all freshmen about what is PICO? And the testimonial from the previous exchange participant from Japan and Philippine. This Introduction is opened by Mr. Amang Sudarsono ST, MT, Ph.D. In this Introduction, Mr. Amang Explain to all freshmen about What is PICO? How is the structural Organization on PICO?What university that has been in collaborating with PENS? And what is the PICO Volunteer?. Mr. Amang also said that PENS has already collaborated with 15 Country from Asia to Canada. “ We are going to expand the collaboration every year” Mr. Amang Said. Mr. Amang also shares the guidance on becoming an exchange student from Japan and also Another country at SouthEast ASIAN. He also said that there is a lot of International activities that PENS has already done. From Joint Research with the overseas university, joining some International Conference such as IES ( Industrial Electronic Symposium). Mr. Amang also mentioned about the benefit of joining some International Events such as Exchange or Conference. 

After Mr.Amang is explaining about what is PICO in a general way, Some of our exchangers share the benefit of being the exchange participant. The first one is Nailus, Who experienced on having student exchange to Japan and She is from the Master Degree’s program. She was explaining why you should join a student exchange to Japan and What did she do in Japan. She said that the most important thing to make sure you are able to be an exchanger is being up to date to the Information. Because it will make you prepare what to do to accomplish the requirement of the program. Then after Nailus, PICO still has one more an Alumni from an exchanger, that is Heri Yulianus. He is the exchanger from SEAMEO Batch 3 to Philippine. In his presentation, he told the freshmen about what is the benefit of joining PENS International Cooperation office Volunteer. “The benefit that I got from joining PICO Volunteer is I could able to join some International event such Youth Summit at Airlangga University and Student Exchange Program from SEAMEO” Say Heri. 

The Presentation of PICO is ended by Heri who is apparently the last speaker from this section. (Aditya)