Internationalisation Workshop and PICO Logo Design Competition

Sharing Session: “Why Sould We Go Global?”
From Students for Students

Due to the goal of PENS to become the World Class Polytechnic, PENS International Cooperation Office (PICO) is about to conduct a workshop about internationalisation: Sharing Session: “Why Sould We Go Global?”. The workshop aims to open up students’ mind about the importance of students go global and how to meet the standard of international demand. This workshop is FREE and open to first 100 registered participants. To establish the existence of PICO, a PICO Logo Design Competition also will be held in the same day. Trophy, IDR 2.000.000 prize and Certificate will be awarded for the winner.


Facilities for Internationalisation Workshop:
1. Snack (limited)
2. FREE Registration Fee
*Only PENS students are allowed to register both activities.

Rule for the PICO Logo Design Competition:
1. Participants must be registered as active student of PENS
2. Participants must register by clicking the link below
3. Participants are to design the logo manually by sketching using pencil, pen, coloring pencil, markers, coloring markers, boardmarkers, etc., on the spot.
4. Participants are not allowed to use any gadgets while designing the logo (we do appreciate the originality of your ideas in designing the logo and ban all forms of plagiarize)
5. Committee will only provide a piece of A4 Paper for each participant, so participants must bring and use personal sketching equipments (pencil, pen, coloring pencil, markers, coloring markers, boardmarkers, etc.)
6. No electronic tools are allowed
7. Participants should design (draw and color) the PICO logo on one side of the paper, and the other side of the paper should be used to write the significancy of the shapes and colors used in the logo.
8. The duration for designing the PICO logo is 90 minutes.


The activities will be held on Saturday, May 5th, 2018 at Theater PENS (D3 Building, Ground Floor).

Run Down 





Registration 08.00 – 08.30


Opening 08.30 – 08.50


Workshop “Internasionalisasi Mahasiswa – Why Should We Go Global ?” 08.50 – 10.30


Ice breaking 10.30 – 10.40


PICO’s Logo Competition 10.40 – 12.20


Clossing 12.20 – 13.00

All participant of both activities must fill the registration form in :

Before  May 2nd, 2018

Contact Person

E-Mail : (Setiawan)