Strengthening the Curriculum Computer Engineering Study Program invited SES (Senior Experten Service) from German

December 2019 – The Senior Experten Service (SES) in Germany is a non-profit institution founded by four trade and industry associations in Germany, namely Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie, tBundesvereinigung der Deutschen ArbeitgeberverbÃĪnde, Deutscher Industri- und Handelskammertag and tZentralverband des Deutschen Handwerks.

In December 2019, PENS accepted an Expert from Germany for Strengthening the Curriculum in Computer Engineering Study program start from 1-21 December 2019. The project in Computer Engineering Study program Focused on:

  1. Identification of potential for improvement
  2. Extension of expertise in this area
  3. Drawing up a curriculum
  4. Training in analysis, construction, and evaluation of a computer system
  5. Training in Hardware and Software

Here is several agenda the expert in Computer Engineering Study Program:

Fig 1 Mr. Iwan and Mr. Eko explained the results of the progress of project 1 (left)
and agreed with Prof. Stanek, to continue project 1 (right).

Fig. 2 Lecturers, staff, & students together demonstrate the results of the project 1.

Fig 3. The atmosphere of the team working on project 2 (above) and the sharing of
knowledge about numerical mechatronics, electrodynamics, and finite elements by Prof.
Stanek (below)
Fig 4. Discussed with Computer Engineering Lecturer

Fig 5. Guest Lecturer

Fig 6 VIsiting Robotic Laboratory in PENS