PENS Collaborate with SES (Senior Experten Service) German in Multimedia Broadcasting Technology Study Program

November 2019- PENS has cooperation with SES (Senior Experten Service) German. In this program, every study program in PENS purposes a proposal to request the expert for study program in PENS.

Multimedia Broadcasting Technology is the first Study Program that has the project with SES. In this project, Multimedia Broadcasting Technology focuses on:

  1. Development of new study program: Film Production
  2. Curriculum development for film and TV production
  3. Developing laboratory for such study program
  4. Strengthening the capacity of human resources for such study program

Mrs. Sabine Eckhard is the expert that has an assignment in the Multimedia Broadcasting Technology study program. She arrived in Surabaya on October 26, 2019, and finished her project in PENS until November 16, 2019. Here is SES Expert’s agenda at Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya:

Fig 1 Welcoming meeting Dengan Management PENS

Fig.2 Movie Making Competition

Fig.3 Presentation about how to make Movie

Fig.4 Movie Making Competition

Fig. 5 Explore Surabaya with the head of Departement and the lecturer

and here is the output of the project: